Papageno's Entrance

I catch the birds, oh yeah, you bet.
Takes half a brain, and one small net.
I'm self employed, don't punch a clock.
An hour lunch,
and that's no crock!
I've got the beer, the gear, the bait
to snatch the birdies where they mate.
My traps are set, I catch the scent.
Not Wild Kingdom, but it pays the rent.
Yes, Papageno's a household word
When I show up I get the bird!
"Yo, Papageno!" they all shout.
Yeah that's my name, don't wear it out!
But I would really get my kicks
if only I could net some chicks.
I'd cage a dozen at a time,
and merrily the walls we'd climb!
Then once I've had my bit of fun,
I'd pick a chick, the cutest one.
We'd whoop and holler like a loon,
an everlasting horny-moon. [or "honeymoon"]
My lousy jokes will make her moan.
I'll have it all, but not alone.
We'll pay inside our wedding cage,
and never, ever act our age.

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