Orlofsky solo

I have a rare condition, so I must avoid the sun.
A hemophiliac, you should know. There's more, I've just begun!
I'd tell you how my life's a rut, but what a waste of breath!
You'd then say "life's a blessing", but you'd bore me half to death.
I'm filthy rich and can afford to throw these parties here.
On nights like this I blow my hoard amusing the human mass.
If someone's even LOOKING bored, they're tossed out on their ass! [on the grass]

I hear you say "That's silly! Should we wallow in your trough
just so you can laugh and scoff?"
My answer is "I like it, if it gets me off.
I like it, so just lump it, if it ticks you off."

The booze flows freely in this house. You must be drunk by dawn.
From bottle, glass or flower vase, drink up or else begone!
Good Russian vodka makes you tough, so don't you dare say "nyet!"
If you tell me "I've had enough", you'll see what you will get!
Don't ask me if you can or can't.
You're here to take the dive.
As my vicarious fantasy, you help me to survive.
So drink and laugh and rant. You see
It makes me feel alive!

I hear you say "I never! I'm a person, not your pawn.
"I'm not here to cure your yawn!"
My answer is "Whatever! If it turns me on."
"Whatever, whatsoever, if it turns me on!"

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